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Upcoming Meetings:

October 13: Special Guest Speaker is Mr. Fritz Busch. 

F-89D Cold War Intercept Fighter

F-89D Cold War Intercept Fighter firing air-to-air rockets

Over a two and a half year period Fritz flew the F-89D model Cold War Intercept Fighter shown above and the 'H' model which carried 42 of the 'Mighty Mouse' rockets and 6 of the much larger radar-guided 'Falcon' missiles. 

In the latter part of this period Fritz flew the F-89J which carried 4 of the heat-seeking version of the Falcon missile plus 2 of the huge 'Genie' nuclear rockets. 

The Genies were so effective that the Falcons were eventually removed and the F-89 finished it's 17 year tour of duty as our main line of defense with just 2 Genies.

After his active service Fritz flew fixed wing aircraft and helicopters for 9 years in the Minnesota National Guard.

Fritz also continued flying as a civilian including the C-172, Beech Bonanza, Beech Queen Air, and the aerobatic Champion Decathlon.

Fritz reports that he's logged over 9,000 landings (and take-offs presumably!) not counting a few big bounces!

This is sure to be an interesting presentation by our friend Mr. Fritz Busch!  Come join us at the museum at 7pm , Oct. 13!

November 10:

December 8: Hoosier Air Museum Christmas Party at the museum!

2014 Special Events:

Special Event at the Hoosier Air Museum!
Saturday, October 18, 4PM to 7PM

BBQ by award-winning Timmy's Pizza and BBQ.


2015 Special Events:

"The Ride of a Lifetime!"  CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS